Sharp LM057QC1T01

Manufacturer: Sharp
Model: LM057QC1T01
Condition: New
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  • Sharp LM057QC1T01 5.7" LCD display with a 320x240 maximum resolution and a CCFL backlight. Utilizes a 15-pin input interface for display directions. This panel is commonly found in many products, including Triton model 9100, 9600, 8100, 9700, and Mako ATM machines; Tidel model 3100, 3300, IS1000, and IS2000 ATM machines; Tranax model MB1500 and MB1000 ATM machines. All of our refurbished LM057QC1T01 LCD displays are inspected to make certain that each panel is operating correctly.

    We additionally stock the compatible KCG057QV1EA, MTV-F32240AMNNSCW-H-1, KCS057QV1AJ-G20, KCS057QV1AA-A07 and LM057QC1T08 panels. The LM057QC1T01 is eligible for our repair service: UG-32F11-REP.

  • This item comes with a 180 day warranty covering units which are defective upon arrival. Defective products can be returned within 180 days of the sale for replacement or refund. More details about our warranty can be found in our Terms & Conditions.

  • Some production models use various internal part configurations. Always ensure that the part used in your machine is compatible with the model listed here before purchasing.

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