Covid-19 Notice

Davan Display Solutions will remain OPEN for business. We are an essential part of the manufacturing and MRO supply chain. We are here to support your needs with our highest priority being customers manufacturing and repairing medical devices, transportation, energy, communications, information technology, emergency services, public works, logistics, food and agriculture, chemical, water, national defense, national security, and other critical manufacturing sectors.

LED Rails and Kits

LCD panels utilizing LED backlights have quickly become the industry standard. LED backlighting typically has increased optical performance and costs less to operate/maintain due to its longer life and reduced power consumption. Kits below are offered in application specific form or in generic form with open ended flying leads. We will be happy to assist you with your reconfiguration requirements and application specific interconnect cabling. CCFL bulbs and replacement service available.

Size Range

No. of Rails

Driver Included