AU Optronics G150XG01 v.1

Manufacturer: AU Optronics
Model: G150XG01 v.1
Condition: New
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  • AU Optronics G150XG01 v.1 15.0" anti-glare LCD screen with a 1024x768 maximum resolution and 2 CCFL backlights. Accepts 6 or 8 bit display data over a 20-pin LVDS input connector. This display is frequently found in many products, including Posiflex model JIVA 8000 ATM machines. All of our G150XG01 v.1 LCD screens are inspected to guarantee that each panel is working correctly.

    We also sell the compatible G150XG01 v.0 screen.

  • This item comes with a 180 day warranty covering units which are defective upon arrival. Defective products can be returned within 180 days of the sale for replacement or refund. More details about our warranty can be found in our Terms & Conditions.

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