Optrex LCD Repair

Manufacturer: Optrex
Model: DMF-50174ZNB-FW-REP
Condition: New
Price: $40.00 (Qty. 1)
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  • REPAIR SERVICE for 5.7" Mono LCD used in many applications including Triton 9600 and Mako ATM's. Also used in some Tranax Hyosung MB1500 new style ATM's. Used with Tranax inverter 72881008 or 21021275-2 p/n 723202-01 HP5003-BSTN. DMF50174ZNB 320 x 240 blue transmissive graphic monochrome LCD with 1 CCFL backlight. Minimum repair order: 500
  • Some production models use various internal part configurations. Always ensure that the part used in your machine is compatible with the model listed here before purchasing.

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